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The Importance of Vitamin D in Down Syndrome

Studies show that people affected by Down syndrome typically are Vitamin D3 deficient. There are many recommendations for parents to ensure their kids, especially those with Down syndrome, get the dose they need for this supplement.

Here are other benefits why your child needs to start taking the Vitamin D now.

Vitamin D is an anti-depressant.

Do not panic. This is not what you think. Vitamin D3 has a property well known for fighting depression, which may be best for a kid with Down syndrome. Whatever your child undergoes should be enough; thus, we do not want him/her to be more depressed of anything else.

It boosts your immunity.

Like any other vitamin, Vitamin D boosts your child’s immune system. I believe people born with such or similar irregularities should have a quota on the pain they get, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or verbal. In this case, let us not make your child’s  condition worse. Boost his/her immune system. It pays to be stronger and a better version of yourself.

Vitamin D helps take care of your bones and teeth.

This vitamin has an ability to manage absorption of phosphorus and calcium, which are essential in the maintenance of your child’s bones and teeth. Let’s keep your child pain minimal. At some points in your child’s development, or simply everyday life, he/she may experience muscle fatigue or weakness. Let us give your child support by making sure his/her bones are strong.

This is the Sun vitamin.

If your apartment is located somewhere, there is not much exposure to the sun, or maybe your child does not feel so well to go out and play, make sure he/she is provided with this vitamin. It provides your child the Vitamin D it needs. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to muscle weakness.

How to Raise a Kid With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome may be the first in your family but is not first in the world. While it may seem difficult at for you to accept it at first, just think of your child who needs you. It was not anyone’s fault that your baby had this condition. So take it easy.

Learn the Facts First

Numerous studies have already been done in the past about your baby’s condition. This is why you would find a lot of literature and resources about Down syndrome. Do not drown yourself about the condition itself. Rather, use this data to help yourself and your kid get a better life.

Seek Other Parents with Similar Children

Again, you are not alone. Your child is not the only one with this condition. You can always reach out to parents in your community or online blessed with children having the same condition. They undergo pretty much as you do. If they respond, they are more likely to give you advice on how to deal with your child more effectively.

Communicate Constantly

There may be cases when your child does not seem to respond immediately or at all to you. At this point, you may seek support from other parents or find a specialist to help you and your child cope up. Whether you get a reaction or an answer, please make sure to communicate constantly. Make your child feel your love, not the indifference toward his/her condition.

Concentrate on What Your Child Does Best

Even children with Down syndrome have their own achievements. Focus on them, not their weaknesses. Your child may not be perfect, but he can still be good at something. Celebrate the milestones. Your child may take a longer time to learn things, be patient.

For sure, your child would not want to have that condition for himself/herself. Please overlook the syndrome and focus on the love. Try to be unconditional. Love more hurt less.


5 Life Lessons From Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

No one prayed to have a child with Down syndrome. I am sure you did not, too. Even experts cannot confirm how this can happen. What we know is that there was an extra copy of that twenty-first chromosome on your child’s cells.

Having to raise a child with this condition may not be exactly how you wanted it to be. However, that child is still your gift, and it is your obligation to nurture him or her, even more.

1. Mind over matter. Love over matter. Whether your baby was born with or without Down syndrome, your child is still a wonderful addition to your life. As a parent, it may hurt. I know. However, before you even learn about this condition that hit your child, he/she was the baby you and your better half created through love.

2. Please do not be discouraged as a parent. Just see it as a birthmark. It may be forever encrypted there, but who cares? Your child needs love more than ever. There may be instances where your child may not develop quickly as other children you know. Help yourself. Avoid making any comparisons.

3. The diagnosis should have been enough to let you know that your child is different, but no one said it is lethal to have a child with Down syndrome. Instead, celebrate the milestones your child has gone so far. In dealing with Down syndrome, love is your home, where acceptance is the key.

4. You are not alone. Let alone your kid. Your child may be the only one in your family with this condition. That is the point. He is the only one, which means there are other members of your family to help you and accompany you on your journey. You should be in this together.

5. Staying positive is the key. Ultimately, you need to stay positive and treat the situation like you would any other adversity in your life. It’s important that you make your child feel as unique and special as possible, and make sure there’s a safe and cozy environment for him/her to grow.

Hope these were helpful. If you have any other tips you’d like to share please leave a comment below!